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                                                                           Prof. Dr . Adnan Al-Ta'an Al-Khafaji

 Speech of the Honorable Dean of the College of Medicine

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 College of Medicine / Al-Ayen University | In 2019, the idea of establishing the College of Medicine, was put forward to be the second private medical college in Iraq after the College of Medicine / Al-Ameed University in Karbala, and as the first private medical college in the southern region, and after three years of correspondence, consultation and tireless efforts with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and having completing the necessary requirements Including the 200 bed university hospital, a decision was issued to establish it in November 2022 to receive students in the academic year 2022-2023, as it received the first batch of 192 students with high grades that exceeded 94%. The college has attracted a distinguished teaching staff who hold higher degrees and scientific titles from inside and outside Iraq in order to put its mark on the path of excellence and academic accreditation since the first day of its establishment.

 College branches

 The college contains ten large classrooms equipped with the latest technology, as well as twelve educational laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and teaching aids.

 Scientific Branches: Since its inception, the College of Medicine, contains eleven scientific branches distributed among the main branches and clinical branches that have been keen to establish since the first day of the opening of the college, since the university hospital is a general hospital and includes the four clinical branches, which are the medicine branch, the specialty department, the surgery branch and its specialized divisions And the children's and women's branch.

 College goals

 Preparing distinguished doctors with high efficiency at the level of practical training and keeping pace with developments in the field of medicine at the local and international levels.

 Providing distinguished and modern medical services through the college's private university hospital

 Supporting the fields of advanced medical scientific research through research centers and units in the college, university and university hospital.

 Job classification

 Doctor / Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery

Scope of Work

 Physician in hospitals and health centers affiliated to the health sectors

 contact information

 Email - -  Info@med.alayen.edu.iq                                                                                           

 Phone number - +964 7800060302

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